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About Us

Established in 2003, the Nail base is a dedicated and cutting edge distributor of Duri nail polish, Rejuvacote and natural nail treatments.

Owned and run by Elaine Brand who herself started off as a talented technician, this small and friendly company has come a long way to become established and highly acclaimed in its field, with a wide customer count, both consumer and wholesale based.

Providing outstanding customer support and a thorough knowledge of the industry and its products Elaine and the Nail Base team provide the best advice through their knowledge of the industry to advise you on the the most effective options for your nails.

 We are the sole distributors in the UK of Duri Cosmetics including the renowned and highly sought after Rejuvacote ‘the nail doctor’ which will heal and cure your dry, split and cracked nails in a matter of weeks as well as Miracote Formaldehyde and Toluene free super fast drying top coat and Duri nail polishes .

 We offer 200 fabulous  contemporary shades of Duri nail polish.The range is so vast and varied that you will be spoilt for choice and will find that special colour for any occasion.