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Nail Clinic


Weak Thin Nails:

Nails that have had false nail enhancements, for example, acrylics and gel, when taken off are usually not strong enough to grow long.  They need to be brought back to their original condition.  If nails are delicate to the touch start off by using  Duri's Rejuvacote 2 everyday as a base coat and then after two weeks use Duri's Rejuvacote 1 everyday as a base and top coat for continuing treatment.  
When nails have reached the desired condition drop the application down to three times a week and then continue once a week as a basecoat.  

Ridged Nails:

Nails can become ridged from poor health or electric nail drills.  Buff the nail lightly with the white block buffer and apply two coats or either Duri's Ridge Filling Base Coat or Duri's Hemp Seed Liquid Wrap.

Dry Brittle Nails:

Nails that are dry and brittle can be due to overexposure to cleaning chemicals or cold weather.  Use Duri's Rejuvacote 2 followed by Duri's Herbatherapy on a daily basis and massage in twice a day, morning and evening.